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Logo Design Maker video icon

How does the logo maker work?

DesingMantic's DIY logo maker is easy and simple to use. Just follow these steps to design your logo:

1. Enter your company's name, select your industry and click "Show My Designs" button. You will soon thousands of logo samples for your company.

2. Select the logo of your choice.

3. This will take you to the design editor. You get options to change the font, add text and add other effects to your logo.

4. Once satisfied with your design, you can save your design for later download or checkout.

5. Make the required payment and download your logo's image file.

What file formats will I get after purchasing the design?

After you purchase our design, the final files provided are in 3 different formats, namely: Portable Document Format (PDF), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG).

Where can I download the files of the created design?

Once you purchase a design, the saved draft is shifted to the purchased section under My Design tab. Simply click on the purchased section under "My Designs" to view the files available for instant download.

Will I get a vector file for large scale printing?

Yes! We provide PDF version which is the main vector file and it can be used for large-scale printing.

What is the resolution of JPEG and PNG file?

JPEG and PNG have a resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch) which is sufficient for small scale printing.

Are there any additional charges after purchase if any changes are made to the design?

Yes, as per policy any changes made to the purchased design will be considered as a new design and for every revision an additional amount will be charged before the new set of files is delivered. Make sure you confirm the amount before agreeing to a revision.

Will I have the ownership of my design after I purchase it?

All symbols available under our online gallery are non-exclusive and are available for download to other users as well. The proprietary ownership of these symbols will always remain with the company.

Can I trademark/copyright this design for my business?

The symbols used from our gallery will always remain Designmantic's property, thus cannot be trademarked or copyrighted. However, you can get a license to use DesignMantic's symbol from the "do-it-yourself design tool" and tweak it for your business. Read further on trademark and copyright for designs on our website here.

Can I combine the logo designs on your site with other custom designs?

We currently don't offer the facility to upload and customize designs other than the ones already present at our website. However, we do consider requests regarding this. Contact our team at for more information.

Business Card Maker video icon

How will I design my business card after I have purchased my logo?

Go to the 'My Design' tab and then follow these steps:

1. Select your logo design.
2. Select the 'Create Matching Cards' option that is to the right of the logo preview menu.
3. Choose the template you would like for your business card.

How do I add my name and address to my business card design?

Select the 'Text' button in the design editor to add additional text to your business card design.

Can I order printed cards through DesignMantic?

Yes, we provide printing services to customers in the US and Canada. Contact if you need printing services.

How much time does it take to deliver the printed cards?

It usually take 10-12 business days to print and deliver business cards. However, this duration may vary from destination to destination.

Do you provide custom design services on DesignMantic?

Yes, we offer custom design services too. Browse through the gallery of logo designs on our website and contact our support team at for minor customization, OR you can visit our sister concern for full custom designs of your own choice.

What is DesignMantic's refund policy?

DesignMantic shall offer refund under the following circumstances:

1. For do-it-yourself designs, all designs purchased on our website are created by our customers therefore all design sales are final and no refunds shall be issued by DesignMantic.

2. In the case of purchased design, the refunds may only be issued only upon company's exclusive distinction if the final artwork has technical issues only, either in Company symbol design or in case of broken text.

3. The Company reserves the right to first exercise resolving the technical issue that may include offline correction of final artwork for the customer.

How can I deactivate my account?

To deactivate your account please email When you contact us for deactivation of your account, clearly state the reason for your request so that we may take the appropriate steps for improvement.

Is there any system requirement to use DesignMantic's DIY logo design tool?

No, there is no special requirement but it is recommended you use browsers with the latest HTML 5 support i.e. Google Chrome or Firefox.

What methods of payments are accepted at DesignMantic?

DesignMantic accepts payments through various online portals. The buyer can make payments via PayPal or credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can you redesign my logo in vector format?

Yes, we have designers who can assist you in recreating an existing logo design. However, the price depends on the level of complexity in your design work. We usually take 2 working days to create the first draft of a design, but if it takes longer, the client will be informed. You can send your logo through email that you want us to recreate and we will offer a competitive quote.

How do I add additional text to my design?

To add additional text to your design, select the symbol 'T' on the left of the design editor.

Where can I use my new logo?

A logo is your brand identity. You can use it to create website, business cards, letterhead, promotional material, custom stationery and various other business branding materials.

How will I know about special promotions on your website?

It is our practice that we regularly update our users about special promotions and offers at our website. If you have provided us your email contact, you will be notified about our exciting new offers from time to time.

Website Builder and Hosting Plans video icon

What is the DesignMantic website builder?

DesignMantic's website builder is an easy to use website creating tool that require no technical knowledge of creating a website. You can create your website in minutes, preview of the complete site before you download it for hosting.

How do I get started?

To start creating your website, enter your company name and hit "Create My Website for FREE", then follow these steps:

1. Select a template that you like.

2. Login to website editor.

3. Click on "Start Editing Website" at the top right hand corner

4. Tweak the style of your web template by adding images and text.

5. And finally choose to publish or download it.
For any queries regarding the website builder, email us at:

Do I need to know HTML to use the DesignMantic website builder?

You don't need to have knowledge for programming, HTML, CSS or JavaScript to use DesignMantic's website builder. You don't have to even be web savvy to create a professional looking website.

Can I change the logo on my website?

Yes, you can add a custom logo to your website by uploading it to the system or create one using DesignMantic's logo maker.

What can I add to my website with a DesignMantic website builder?

The website builder allows you to add anything from, text, photos, photo galleries, blog posts, videos, music and even media widgets to your website.

How much does it cost to use your website builder?

The use of DesignMantic's website builder is free of cost and has no hidden charges.

How can I add more pages to my website?

You can add more pages to your website through the "Manage Page" button on the website builder.

How do I publish my website?

Click on the "Publish" button in the tool to publish your website.

I own a website with another hosting company. Can I move my site to the website builder?

No, that is currently not possible. Our team is working on this functionality and it may be available in the future.

What features do you offer with the paid hosting plan?

Our paid website hosting plan offers a variety of added benefits and features in comparison to the free plan. You can explore plans and pricing at the website builder's homepage here.

I am using another company for hosting my website. Can I migrate my website to the website builder on DesignMantic?

No, currently we are not offering this facility

What are website templates?

Website templates are predesigned prototype designs created so you can easily choose and jumpstart online presence without any hassle of working with a web designer. Web templates at DesignMantic are fully customizable to your choice and requirements by using our website builder.

My website has been deactivated! How can I reactivate it?

Account activation may be due to two reasons:

1. Your hosting plan has expired.

2. Your account has been inactive for more than the allowed time.

Can I register a custom domain for my website through the DesignMantic website builder?

Yes, you can easily register a custom domain name for your website when you buy a hosting plan with us. Just select the domain name when you purchase the hosting package and your website will be up and running within a few minutes.

I already have a domain name registered elsewhere. Can I use that domain name with the DesignMantic website builder?

Yes, you can use a previously registered domain name with DesignMantic's paid hosting plan.

Social Header Maker video icon

What does the DesignMantic social header tool do?

The social header maker is a tool that allows you to design custom social media headers. This can be a Twitter image, a Facebook cover or a striking header for your LinkedIn profile.

How do I change the text's font, size and color of my social media cover?

You can customize the font style, size and color as per your preference by clicking on Settings on the Layout tab. You can even rotate text, change the opacity as well as effects on the image.

How should I zoom-in or zoom-out of my webpage when I am creating a Google+ cover image?

You can change the zoom level of your image by toggling the button "Zoom to Fit" or "Actual Size" at the right corner of the selected social header image.

How do I create a design with a transparent background?

The tool has a selection of some very attractive transparent backgrounds. You can choose any of those for your social cover design.

Can I upload a custom image for editing?

Yes, you can upload your own image and customize it according to your need.

How should I rotate an element?

To rotate an element:

1. Select the element.

2. Click and drag the rotate element anchor to rotate it.

3. You can preview the rotation, as you rotate the element.

How does the flip image feature work?

To flip an image, select the image and wait for the edit menu to appear. You can select either the "Flip Horizontally" or "Flip Vertically" option from the menu to flip the image.

How should I change the opacity of an element or make it transparent?

1. Select the element

2. Select the transparency option

3. Drag "Value" scale to adjust the image's transparency.

You can also add different tints to your transparency by check marking the "Tint" option and selecting a color from a picker.

How should I change the background color?

To change the background color, select the background color option and choose the background color of your choice from the color picker.

What are some of the other features that DesignMantic's social cover maker offers?

With the social cover maker you can:

1. Blur images

2. Create gradient transparency

3. Adjust the image noise levels

4. Pixelate an image

Can I add a logo to my social cover layout?

Yes, you can add your logo to the layout by uploading it to your design.

Monogram Maker

How does the monogram maker work?

The monogram maker is extremely easy to use.

1. Enter the initials of the groom and the bride.

2. Click on "Show My Monograms For Free" to see a list of the best monogram designs online.

3. Monogram editor, customize the monogram as you like by changing the font, color, or text.

Where can I use the monogram design?

You can use your customized monogram design on wedding invites, wedding cake, pillows, T-shirts and any other printable material to personalize them as you like.

How should I download my monogram design?

After you have customized your monogram design, click on the "Download" button to get the files for your designs.

Wedding Invitation Maker

How do I create my wedding invite?

Once you have created a wedding monogram, you can use it design a wedding invite. Then in the wedding invitation maker:

1. Select a size for your card.
2. Select the design you like.
3. In the editor, customize your design.
4. Download your wedding invite design.

Can I change the size of my wedding card design?

Yes you can change the size of your card. The two sizes available for wedding invites are, 7"X5" and 5"X7".

Letterhead Maker video icon

How does the letterhead maker work?

DesignMantic's letterhead maker is an easy to use tool with a host of features. You can make a professional letterhead design within a few minutes, using the tool. Here's how it works:

1. Choose a template design for your letterhead

2. Select a position for your company's information

3. Add the information

4. Check the font size and type

5. Preview and, if you like the design, download it

Where can I use the letterhead design?

You can use the letterhead design on your company stationery and/or on any marketing material for corresponding with your clients and customers. An attractive letterhead design can help boost your brand as well as provide that professional look to your company.

Can I purchase logos for the letterhead design?

Yes, you can purchase logos from our database for creating your letterhead design. You will find options for this under the "Purchase Logos" drop down menu on the lower left side.

Can I add additional text to the design?

Yes, you can add additional text to the design by selecting the "Add text" field. This is the best place for adding your address or brand's slogan.

How do I start designing again on the letterhead tool?

You can select "Reset" and "Undo" buttons to start designing again.

Envelope Maker video icon

How does the envelope maker work?

DesignMantic's envelope maker is one of the easiest tools available online for designing envelopes. All you have to do is:

1. Select the layout you like

2. Place company details where you want

3. Insert relevant data

4. Choose the font size and type

5. Preview and download your design

Can I add additional text to the design?

Yes, additional text can be added to the design by selecting the "Add Text" button

Can I modify the existing envelope design layout?

You cannot change the layout template you've chosen but you can change colors of some of the elements in the layout. Simply click on the element, and choose a color, preview will show automatically

Does DesignMantic provide logos with envelope designs?

DesignMantic has one of the largest logo sample databases online. When you are designing your envelope, you can choose to purchase your logo from the "Purchase Logos" drop down menu and add it to your design easily.

How do I correct errors made to the design?

You can reset and undo changes to the design by selecting the "Reset" and "Undo" buttons respectively.

Custom Design Services

Do you provide custom design services on DesignMantic?

Yes, we offer both fully customized design services as well as minor design tweaks at DesignMantic.

For minor customizations to any of the design samples present on our website, contact our support team at

For custom designs that are fully customized for your business, please visit:

Formats and Resolutions

In what formats will I receive my design files?

For logo, business cards, monogram, wedding invites and T-shirt designs your design files can be downloaded in these three

1. Portable Document Format (PDF)

2. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)

3. Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Social media header covers are available for download in PDF only.

What are the supported resolutions for JPEG and the PNG files?

For logos, business cards, t-shirts, wedding invites and monograms, JPEG and PNG files have a resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch).

For social media header covers, the files have a resolution of 72 DPI (dot per inch).

Will I get an image for large scale printing?

Yes, the PDF version of a design is suitable for large scale printing.

Can you deliver my logo in vector format?

Yes, we can provide a vector version of your logo at an additional cost. The price varies with the complexity of the design. First drafts are usually ready within two (2) working days. You can get more information about vector format designs by emailing us at:

Payments & Refunds

Are there any costs associated with changing the design after I purchase it?

Any changes made after you've purchased the design is considered as a new design. Thus, any revisions to the design will be charged accordingly prior to the delivery of the new set of files.

What is your refund policy?

Designs generated from our tools are created by customers. Therefore, all sales are considered final as we assume customers are satisfied with the quality of their designs before they purchase. No refunds shall be offered by DesignMantic except under the following event:

At DesignMantic's discretion, a representative of the company shall determine if the final artwork is unsatisfactory due to a technical fault on the website, and can't be fixed through offline corrections, then a refund shall be issued.

Which payment methods are accepted at DesignMantic?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept payments through PayPal.

Downloading and Printing

How do I download the files for my logo?

Once you have purchased your design, it will be moved from Saved in "My Designs" section of the dashboard to Purchased section. Your files will be available for download there.

Do you offer printing services for business cards?

Yes, we provide printing services to customers in the US and Canada only. We also provide custom printing services that caters to different business needs. You can contact for details.

Ownership and Trademark

What rights do I have over my design?

All designs in our sample galleries are proprietary and their ownership remains with DesignMantic.

Can I trademark or copyright my design for my company?

You cannot trademark any design in our galleries because they are available for download by other users as well.


Can I deactivate my account?

If you wish to deactivate your account please contact our Support team at: Please do inform us of the reason(s) behind your request for deactivation.

What if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password, you can recover access to your account easily.

1. Go to the login page.

2. Click on "Forgot Password" link under the login area.

3. Enter the email you signed up with.

4. Click submit.

5. An email will be sent to your email address with recovery information.

Technical & Language Requirements

What are the system requirements for using DesignMantic's tools?

There is no need to install anything on your computer. Our website works well with all major browsers that support HTML 5 content like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10 or higher.

How will I know about any promotions on your website?

We keep our customers updated about any special offers on our website or campaign via email. If you would like to know about promotions which we offer from time to time, be sure to sign up.

How do I report a bug/suggestion and get help?

You can report any bugs which you encounter on our website OR would like to make suggestions for improving our website, contact us at or call us at: 855-752-5503 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm EST).

How many languages does DesignMantic support?

You can use DesignMantic in any of these languages:

1. English

2. Deutsch

3. Spanish

4. Italian

5. Turkish

6. French

7. Chinese

8. Russian

9. Danish