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A great brand story starts with a good logo design

Create Your Own Logo Design Using a Logo Maker

Add a company name, choose an industry and create your logo design. Click on the design you like and start making a logo with our DIY logo maker.

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An Affordable Logo Design

How to Design Your Business Logo

A logo is a graphical representation of your business name created as a figurative design or a wordmark presented through the text of the name. It can be in various formats like jpeg, gif etc. to be used in any media. Online logo makers make it easy to generate a logo from your brand.

Step 1

Enter Your Company Name

Enter your company name into the logo maker and select your industry from the given list. Click “Show My Designs” to get tons of free logo design templates. Pick one from the list of symbols and now you’re ready to customize your design.

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Step 2

Customize the Logo Design

Our editor allows you to customize your company logo with a tagline, colors, additional shapes or text. Change the position of the text and shape as you require and hit “Continue” to login for check out and download.

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Step 3

Download & Graphic Services

Download your logo as it is in high resolution vector files by paying a nominal amount or continue designing a business card, email signature, stationery, social media cover images or a website.

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Start creating your logo free using our online software. Thousands of customers have successfully done it before you!

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Why is a Logo Design Important for a Business?

A logo is your business identity. In the digital or in the traditional brick and mortar world the logo becomes the first step to recognition on part of the customer. It's important to make this a lasting impression. You can use our custom design option for an eye-catching and memorable logo to guarantee brand recall.

An online software for a logo design will help you design a template using algorithms that work within your specific industry. Making the design has never been simpler.

To start your business without a lot of investment use a logo maker tool with free logo design templates. Our templates are categorized by:

Regardless of the industry you're in, or business type, you can be sure to get a logo design that'll meet your needs

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Logo Maker

How can I create my own logo for free?

You can create your own logo for free with a plethora of online logo tools nowadays. A logo maker tool is basically a software that is hosted on a website. You can access the logo software online to create your own logo for free.

Due to the ease of user interface and design, you can literally create your own logo in minutes. All you have to do is search the logo database, select from thousands of logo design templates , make some color and text adjustments, and download.

Some tools offer completely free logos while others charge for download of high resolution files.

You can try DesignMantic's free logo maker tool to create your business logo right away. Search thousands of logo design templates now.

Which is the best logo maker online?

There are many types of logo creators online. Which is the best logo maker online depends on what you want to get out of the tool.

  1. a. Free logo makers that provide icons for use in other graphic designs such as website, brochure or business cards etc. These provide basic icons that you can download for use instantly.
  2. b. Free logo creators that have a database of symbols for logo design inspirations and designing company logos. You can download the symbols for free or you can save them for inspirations to design your own company logo.
  3. c. Premium logo makers host high quality vector logos which can be customized to create business brand identity and download for branding instantly.

DesignMantic's premium logo maker tool is among the best logo creators online that provides high quality logo designs for startups and small businesses regardless of the industry your business is in. You can pick an industry to find a logo for your brand or you can search a symbol of your choice.

How does a logo generator works?

A logo generator is a DIY tool that allows you to generate a logo design on the spot, and download it for use in minutes.

There is no involvement of a logo designer and you don't even need to have graphic design skills to use a logo generator. You just need to follow these simple steps to get your design.

Step 1: Enter your company name, select the industry your business is in and click "design".

Step 2: Select a logo design template that you love and customize your logo to match with your brand.

Step 3: Edit for color, font and/or add any shape (optional), and download the high resolution vector logo design for use instantly.

You can learn more about how DesignMantic’s DIY logo generator tool works here to design a logo for free.

How much does it cost to make a custom logo design?

To make a custom logo design, a business owner can pay anything from $100 to thousands of dollars. It depends on your budget and requirements.

  • 1. If you need a quick logo to get your startup or website running, then use a logo creator like DesignMantic to get your logo with just $37.
  • 2. If you need a custom logo for copyrights and trademark of your small business brand identity then hire a graphic designer. DesignMantic offers custom logo design services too, starting from $47.
  • 3. If you need to create a brand identity for medium to large enterprise, then you have the option of sticking with a well-known graphic designer or hire a design agency.

What you need to understand is that when you design a custom logo, you get more design options for your brand identity including logo concepts, fonts and colors.

Despite this fact, custom logos are expensive if you're a startup on a tight budget. The next best thing is to use a DIY logo creator until your business can afford to splurge.

How to make a business logo stand out?

A business logo is not just a symbol; it's the face of your brand. To make your own logo stand out from the crowd follow these steps:

Choose the Right Symbol

When choosing a symbol for your logo there are three things to consider.

  1. 1. Understand your brands personality or culture.
  2. 2. Understand your audience and target them for memorability.
  3. 3. Choose a design associated to your business industry.

Each industry has its own symbol type that automatically helps your customers associate your business with it. Use our logo maker app to select one from thousands of symbols.

Choose the Right Symbol

To choose the right color for your brand logo, learn how to select colors for your logo, and refer to a color wheel. Make sure your logo color does not conflict with the brand message (refer to color psychology) and make sure they match your industry type or not.

In our free logo maker studio, you can click on the color picker to play around with the different colors and apply to free logo design template of your choice.

Choose the Right Symbol

Fonts can make your brand logo distinctive or dull. Choosing a font from the right family can make or break your brand image as certain combinations do not work well together. For example understanding the difference that Geometric Sans is more modern, and humanist sans goes well with a non-profit, can help you make the right typeface choice for your logo.

Can I make changes to my vector logo after I download it?

When you design a logo using a logo tool, you are basically customizing a pre-made logo template designed by a professional graphic designer.

While you can make changes to colors, fonts, texts and add more shapes, the basic logo template can’t be changed.

Once you finalize the logo design, and checkout for download, it means that your vector logo is locked; you can’t make changes to it. That’s why it's advisable to check your design thoroughly before downloading it for use.

If for some reason you still need to make changes to your vector logo, then you can contact Support and make a request for the edits. You may have to pay an additional amount for the change since an in-house graphic designer will make the required revisions for you.

Do I own the copyright of the logo?

A logo design is a piece of creative work, and its copyright lies with the creator, that is the graphic designer.

When you use a logo creator, the copyright of the logo belongs to the company which hosts the tool, like DesignMantic. This is because we hire professional graphic designers to create all of the designs, encode them in a software, and host it on a server for users like you to access it.

You don't own the copyright of the logo you download, even if you have paid for it, because many other users have used the same logo template that you have selected.

If you want, you can pay an extra fee for the complete ownership of the design hosted in our database, but there is no guarantee of the design being used by those who accessed it before you.

To learn more about copyrights, you can read our blog post on copyrights of a logo design or refer to our Terms.

Why should you choose a free logo maker over a custom logo?

Whether you should get a custom logo design or use a template-based logo maker, depends on your budget, time and graphic design skills. A logo maker is free to use in the comfort of your own home. You get logo templates that are designed according to industry standard of colors, symbols and fonts. You can literally make your own logo in minutes.

A logo maker offers branding packages so all your business branding, from business card to website design are all available at one place.

With a business logo maker, you can customize company name, change color, font style as you need without involving a graphic designer. And it is affordable without any hidden costs.

On the other hand, for a custom logo design you may need to hire a logo designer, agency or utilize crowdsourcing to get many designs. Custom logo design is affordable when you work with a crowdsourcing company where you name your own prize. But if you work with a single designer it might become pricier.

You can rework your design when you have designers working for you and revise as many time as you like. If you are not satisfied with a design then you’re guaranteed to get your money back.

If you're starting out, using a logo maker is the way to go until you figure out what you really want out of your brand identity.

Is there any guarantee if I use a logo creator?

A lot goes into the creation of a logo creator before it is fully functional for customers like you to access and use it. So, when you design a company logo using our tool, you're guaranteed of the following:

  1. a. Quality logo design created by professional graphic designers who have years of experience in designing logos for different types of industries and niches.
  2. b. Affordable logo designs that fit with any type of budget or pocket whether you’re a solopreneur, startup or small business.
  3. c. Excellent customer support available 24/7 for all types of queries or design needs.
  4. d. Consistent branding solution to launch your business overnight with complete design packages including business card, stationery, flyer, and website design.
  5. e. Guaranteed delivery of design regardless of your branding needs whether it is a DIY logo design or a custom design.

We believe in making our customers happy to motivate them to come back again. Our happy customers testify to this with positive customer reviews.

When can I start using my brand logo?

You can start using your brand logo as soon as you get the vector logo files. These files are ideal for use in the following manners to build and amplify your brand message:

  1. a. PNG logo for branding website, social media header, and packaging designs.
  2. b. PDF logo for printing business card, letterhead design, envelope design or flyer design.
  3. c. JPEG logo for designing marketing materials and e-mail signature design.

You can read our guide on how to use your logo to brand your business or you could wait until you’re ready to start using your brand logo for marketing.